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What Is Prestmit Referral Code?
What Is Prestmit Referral Code?
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Prestmit referral code is a string of alphabets and numbers that we issue to existing users to invite other people to sign up. The code carries an incentive with it such that whenever a new person signs up with that specific code, the owner of the code (an already existing user) will receive a reward.

In other words, if someone referred you to Prestmit, they can give you a referral code. If you enter the referral code on registration, the person gets a referral bonus. But if no one referred you, or you don’t have any referral code, you can register without it, just leave it empty.

Anyone can have a referral code as long as they’re registered on Prestmit.

Must I Enter The Referral Code On Prestmit?

No, it is optional. If you don’t have any referral code, leave it empty and register.

If you need help with your registration or have any other issues with using the platform, kindly reach out to our Customer Support using the in-app live chat. We're available to assist you 24/7.

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