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About Airtime PIN Purchase On Prestmit
About Airtime PIN Purchase On Prestmit
Updated over a week ago

Airtime pins are recharge codes that you can load using the designated USSD of your network provider. Which means, the recharge card pin will be sent to you, and you will have to enter the code to use it.

Since the rise in popularity of VTU instant top-up, the purchase of recharge pins have not been very needed, but we provide you with the option regardless.

If what you're looking for is to buy airtime directly to your number, use the BUY AIRTIME DIRECTLY option.

But if you actually need recharge card pin, you can buy it on Prestmit.

How To Buy Airtime Recharge PINs On Prestmit

1. Sign in to your Prestmit account.

2. Navigate to buy airtime and select Buy Airtime Pin (Old School).

3. Select your preferred mobile network and enter the quantity of pin you want to buy E.G 10.

4. Enter the amount of the pin E.G 1000.

This means you want 10 pins, 1000 naira each, total will be 10,000 naira.

5. Confirm the details and proceed to make the payment.

The pin will be available to you instantly.

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