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How To Sell Gift Cards On Prestmit
How To Sell Gift Cards On Prestmit
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You can watch the video below for a quick tutorial Or continue to read if you prefer.

Before you start trading your gift card on Prestmit, you need to create an account (if you didn’t have one – click here to register).

Or download the app:

Once logged in, select “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the next page. Then scroll down the page to fill in the trade details.

SELECT GIFT CARD CATEGORY: This is where you select the brand name of the gift card you have and want to sell. If you have an iTunes gift card, this is where you select it.

SELECT GIFT CARD SUBCATEGORY: This is where you will further specify what “type” of gift card you have and want to sell. For example, USA iTunes Physical (50-100). Too much grammar? Don’t be confused. Let’s break it down for you.

What this simply means is that your iTunes card is from the USA, physical means you have a picture of it (If you don’t have a picture but you have the code, it’ll be ECODE), and 50-100 means that your iTunes card amount is within 50 to 100 dollars.

If you have a problem understanding this part, you can use the live chat to reach out to our support for instant clarification.

Screenshot 2021 08 19 At 19.12.34

ENTER AMOUNT: This is where you enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell. If you sell a $100 iTunes gift card in 5 pieces, the total amount is 500.

When you enter the amount, the price you will get in return will be displayed. This is calculated according to the current rates.

SELECT PAYOUT METHOD: When you trade, you can be paid either NAIRA, CEDIS, BITCOINS or USDT. Just select your preferred payment method.

If you select either BITCOIN or USDT, you will be asked to enter the payout address where your payment will be sent once the trade is completed.

Screenshot 2021 08 19 At 19.13.00

UPLOAD GIFT CARD IMAGES: This is where you upload pictures of your gift card. You can upload up to 20 pictures in a trade. If you are trading ecode that doesn’t require a picture, you can leave this field empty them enter the ecode in the comment section.

ENTER OPTIONAL COMMENTS: You can enter whatever additional information you want the admin to know in this field. If you are trading, your ecode or your card is not clear, enter the code here. Otherwise, leave it empty.

That's all. If you need a more detailed tutorial, you can check the source.

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