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About VNIN Verficiation
About VNIN Verficiation
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Instead of exposing your NIN, we allow you to verify your identity using your uniquely generated Virtual NIN (vNIN). The vNIN can be generated from NIMC's mobile app or by using NIMC USSD.


  • On your NIN registered phone number, dial *346*3*NIN*1138183# and replace NIN with your real NIN.

  • A vNIN will be generated for you and is valid for only 72 hours.

  • Input the vNIN on Prestmit to verify your KYV.


  • The vNIN is designed to replace the 11-digit NIN for everyday usage. It is a unique 16-character alphanumeric token comprising 12 digits, sandwiched between 4 alphabets, two on each end, with no correlation to the issuer’s Raw NIN. An example of a vNIN is: AB012345678910YZ.

  • We do not store the VNIN in our database. We only use it for verifying the NIN holder.

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