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About KYC On Prestmit - FAQs
About KYC On Prestmit - FAQs
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The Prestmit's identity verification process, known as KYC, involves confirming a user's identity and applying further security on user accounts. KYC is necessary for compliance purposes and enables users to increase their withdrawal limit and access additional features on the platform.

To Verify KYC:

1. You will first be required need to enter your Name, and Date of Birth. Ensure that the date of birth matches details on your verification document.

2. Select your preferred verification method and submit the requirement document or number.

What Can I Use To Verify KYC?

You can use any one of

  1. BVN

  2. VNIN: VNIN verifications require that you generate the VNIN using the number attached to your NIN. Learn more here. )

  3. Driver's License Number: Only the license number is required.

  4. Voter's ID Number: Only the voter's ID number is required.

  5. Any government issued ID like national ID or passport: For this option, you will be required to upload the ID image and also take a selfie for liveness check.

How Long Does KYC Verification Take?

All KYC verifications are instant, In some cases, it might take a few minutes.

Are My KYC Data Safe?

It's worth noting that all KYC data is kept completely confidential and secure. Your KYC data is protected according to our Terms Of Use and Privacy Policies. Also, your BVN does not give us, or anyone access to your bank account.

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