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About Buying Cheap Airtime On Prestmit
About Buying Cheap Airtime On Prestmit
Updated over a week ago

You can now buy discounted airtime on Prestmit. By discounted airtime, we mean getting almost 20% on airtime purchases. This means that if you want to buy airtime of 1000 naira, you only pay 800 Naira, but you get 1000 Naira worth of airtime. How cool is that?

How To Buy Discounted Airtime?

  1. Click “Pay Bills, Buy & Sell Airtime" from the dashboard.

  2. Select “Buy and Sell Airtime”.

  3. From the pop-up, click on “Buy airtime” and select “Buy Cheap Airtime (Transfer)”.

  4. Tap on your mobile network, input the phone number and amount, and click “Pay Now”.

  5. You will receive the airtime within a few minutes.

Note that this is not VTU, so it’s not instant. The airtime will be transferred to your provided phone number and can take several minutes. If you want it instantly, use the BUY AIRTIME (VTU) option.

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