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Why Will My Address Expire?
Why Will My Address Expire?
Updated over a week ago

Your BTC, DOGE, and LTC wallet addresses do not change or expire.

But your ETH, BNB, TRX and USDT addresses will automatically change after 120 days of creating them.
This means, if you create an address today (ETH, BNB, TRX and USDT), we'll automatically replace the address 120 days from now.

We will notify you via email 14 days before the address expires and also on the expiration day. Regardless, you can always find the expiration day of your address on the crypto wallet page as seen below.


Also, you'll be able to regenerate a new address after 90 days so you don't have to wait for us to automatically replace it after 120 days.


Once a new address is generated, the 120 days will start counting for it.

What happens if you sent crypto to an expired address?

Sadly, it will not be received. Always ensure you're sending cryptocurrencies to your current address, and always check your wallet page to keep track of your address expiry. Not to worry, we'll notify you once the expiry date is close.

Why does the address expire?

We automatically replace the addresses for security reasons and also to comply with provider requirements.

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