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How Do I Check Cryptocurrency Rates On Prestmit?
How Do I Check Cryptocurrency Rates On Prestmit?
Updated over a week ago

Current rates can be found on the wallet pages.

check crypto rates

Explaining Crypto Rates On Prestmit:

Less than 100 = The USD value of your crypto is less than 100$.

According to the screenshot above, it means the rate for this is 900 naira per dollar. For instance, for $60, you will get 900*60 = 54,000 naira.

If CEDIS is your default wallet, our system will automatically convert the naira to cedis using the current cedis conversation rate.

The rate changes often based on the current market rate. Your crypto will be converted according to the current rate. If the crypto you sent is not in USD, our system will convert it to USD automatically first.

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