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How Long Does Sell Gift Card Transaction Take?
How Long Does Sell Gift Card Transaction Take?
Updated over a week ago

Selling Gift Cards on Prestmit does not take long, as we ensure they are completed as soon as possible.

However, the trade duration depends on the type of the Gift Card and the time of the transaction.

  1. Normal Gift Cards (also called gaming cards): Google Play, Amazon, Steam, Razer Gold etc., take an average of 5 to 10 minutes to process during the day, but might take up to 30 minutes in the evening due to high volume.

  2. E-commerce Gift Cards (also called store cards): Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy, Vanilla, American Express etc, take an average of 60 to 150 minutes to process.

Kindly exercise patience, all transactions are processed with due urgency.

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